We think access to mental health care should be a human right

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The numbers are overwhelming

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Americans (1 in 5 adults) have a mental health condition
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Suicide has become the #10 leading cause of death in the United States
Lives were lost to suicide in 2016 alone
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of American adults with a mental health condition do not receive treatment

Access to care should be provided to everyone – regardless of their ability to pay

The Alive and Well Foundation is committed to ensuring that mental health services become a human right. To that end, we’re working to make sure that all psychotherapists practice evidence-based care while providing support to every patient who needs it.

We are raising funds to:

Identify and certify psychotherapists who practice evidence-based care.

MCBT is considered to be the most effective psychotherapy for treating a wide range of problems, including conditions like depression, anxiety, OCD, trauma, PTSD, addiction, anger, and insomnia.

Train psychotherapists and board certify them in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or MCBT

Establish a triage system where those who need care can call and receive support.

Making evidence-based care a reality for everyone.

Connecting those who need care with professionals who can provide the best possible therapy.

The Alive and Well Foundation was made possible by a grant from the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation.


The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation promotes positive change in peoples’ lives and builds and enhances the communities in which they live. We seek innovative solutions that enable young people, families and communities to achieve results beyond what seems possible today.


We believe that everyone has a meaningful and important role to play, and by leading with courage and compassion, we can change the world one person, one family, one community at a time.

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