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Welcome to the Alive and Well Foundation (AWF), a 501c3 organization dedicated to promoting mental fitness and optimizing mental health care through education and science. We are committed to improving mental fitness and mental health services through science and education.


Our approach emphasizes the importance of prevention, as demonstrated by the metaphor, “It’s better to put a fence around a cliff than an ambulance or a hearse at the bottom.” We believe that prevention is the key to addressing issues like suicide effectively.


At AWF, we believe in changing the world by focusing on one generation of children. We recognize the crucial role of healthy families in nurturing healthy children. To this end, we have developed initiatives that prioritize the relationships between parents and their children.

Our comprehensive approach to mental health care is based on addressing the root causes of mental health issues. Drawing inspiration from Henry David Thoreau’s quote, “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of the problem to one who is striking at the root,” we strive to deliver evidence-based care that tackles the underlying causes of mental health problems.

We believe in collaboration and making a lasting difference. We are eager to partner with like-minded individuals and organizations who share our vision. Our goal is to create a world where everyone receives the support they need to lead healthy lives, starting from a young age, and at an affordable cost.


Join us in our mission to make a positive impact. Together, we can work upstream, ensuring that no one is left behind. We empower individuals and families to help themselves while providing necessary assistance to those who are struggling. We prioritize evidence-based care and ensure transparency and accountability in all our endeavors.

Our Initiatives:
Mental Fitness Coaches:
We are developing a curriculum to train and certify Mental Fitness Coaches who will help individuals of all ages acquire psychological skills for mindful, happy, and healthy living.
We are developing an ELECTRONIC CLINICAL SUPPORT SYSTEM to assist clinicians in implementing evidence-based care effectively.
In partnership with the American College of Psychotherapy, we identify, train, and certify psychotherapists who practice evidence-based care.
Entertainment Industry:
We work with prominent celebrities to promote an "anti-ideology" and "pro-science" approach to mental fitness and effective mental health services.
Public Education:
Through social media and our podcast called "MindSet," we educate the public on effective parenting, relationship skills, and mental fitness.
Youth Engagement:
We engage young people in pro-social activities that build their strength and resilience, preparing them for adulthood.
Mental Health Services:
Our network of therapists provides brief psychological first aid and solution-focused mental health care to the masses.

These initiatives, along with our commitment to prevention and evidence-based care, drive our efforts to make a meaningful difference. With your support, we can revolutionize mental health promotion and care. Join our team of professionals and contributors as we strive to identify and treat the root causes of mental health issues and create a healthier world for all.

Leadership team

A+W Foundation

Dr. Galen Cole

Executive Managing Director

The visionary founder and executive director of the Alive and Well Foundation. As a master of public health, licensed counselor, and certified hypnotherapist with a profound background in Sports Psychology, Dr. Cole's expertise forms the foundation of the organization's success.

Galen's innovations in therapies such as Life Script Restructuring and Trauma-Informed Mindful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy have garnered recognition. With a rich background in academia and diverse clinical settings, Galen is a thought leader and strategist in the mental health field. He has served on various boards, published books and scientific papers, and conducted training globally.

With a passion for teaching, Dr. Cole has shared his knowledge at esteemed universities and held impactful roles at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Institutes for Research (AIR). His expertise extends globally, offering training and support to international organizations like UNICEF and the World Health Organization.

With a heart for nurturing families, Dr. Cole and his wife Priscilla have been married since 1975, providing a loving home for their five adult children and fostering a teenager. Dr. Galen Cole's unwavering commitment to mental health and his compassionate guidance at the Alive and Well Foundation makes him an invaluable advocate for better mental well-being in communities everywhere.

Caroline McInerny

Board President

Caroline McInerny brings her expertise as an accomplished Investment Advisor to the role of Board President at the Alive and Well Foundation. With a focus on disciplined financial planning and diverse investment strategies, Caroline's leadership ensures the foundation's financial health and stability. Her MBA from Vanderbilt University adds an extra layer of financial acumen, enabling her to make sound decisions to further the foundation's mission.

Beyond her professional achievements, Caroline's commitment to her community shines as she actively supports various initiatives, making her an invaluable asset to the Alive and Well Foundation's success.

Advisory board

A+W Foundation

Emelia Hartford

A versatile and multi-talented force in both the entertainment and automotive industries. As a SAG-AFTRA Actress and iO West Improv Alumna, Emelia's star has risen on the big screen, making appearances in Netflix and HBOMax films, with her highly anticipated role in Sony's "Gran Turismo" set to hit theaters in Summer 2023. Emelia's on-screen prowess extends to her hosting talents, where she has graced the screens of Discovery, Netflix, and Chevrolet's national commercials and documentaries. Recently, she was announced as a featured host of "Super Turbo Story Time," an all-new adult animated series from MotorTrend Group.

But her accomplishments don't end there. Emelia's automotive journey is just as remarkable. As a record-breaking performance car builder and driver, she has defied norms, building a world record-breaking new-generation Corvette with one of the highest horsepower engines, beating major automotive companies to boast one of the world's fastest C8 Corvettes.

Challenging stereotypes in a male-dominated industry, Emelia has become a leading woman in the automotive world. Her YouTube channel, with over 1.8M followers, showcases her building and racing a diverse range of cars, generating an impressive 100M+ views.

Emelia's unique blend of talent, charisma, and passion makes her an inspiration to many. As an Advisory Board Member, she uses her platform to raise awareness about mental health issues and advocate for those facing challenges. Her personal experiences and empathetic approach make her a powerful voice in the cause.

Christopher L. Kimbrell

Chris Kimbrell is the founder of Frontline Focus Foundation, a non-profit engaged in integrated holistic wellness support for our veterans and first responders. Throughout his own healing process, Chris found that bridging the practice of meditation teachings with the unification of psychedelic medicine is the key to a profound and sustainable healing journey.

Chris currently operates a boutique-style life coaching practice crafted from his experiences and studies of natural medicine and mindfulness training. His own transformation and healing journey has taken him to Peru, Mexico, and Costa Rica to work with ancient healers and leaders in the psychedelic industry. A pivotal experience with Accelerated Mind Performance through Veterans Path has led him to become a student and trainer in the teachings of mindfulness and meditation.

As a retired Navy SEAL with over 12 combat deployments and 19 years of service, Chris knows firsthand the importance of community. His vision is to build a holistic healing facility where individuals can receive state-of-the-art whole-body and mind healing modalities. Pairing with it, a nationwide peer community connection platform that will be maintained through an industry-leading social wellness network of others that share the path towards healing and wellness. Creating community is the link Chris envisions for the long-term success of this emerging field of mental health and healing.

Chris is the father of two special miracle children, married to his best friend and grade school sweetheart, and can often be found connecting with people from all walks of life. He recently received alumni status through the Program in Leadership Development at Harvard Business School, holds his bachelor's degree in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis from Norwich University, and continues to sharpen his skills through programs such as Veterans Path - AMP dojo and the Being True to You course in Transformational Coaching.

Christopher's insights and expertise make him an invaluable asset to the Alive and Well Foundation's Advisory Board. His dedication to the foundation's cause and his exemplary leadership are vital components of driving positive change and supporting mental health initiatives in communities.

Wayne Hulon

An innovative force in psychotherapy and a strong advocate for Photobiomodulation. With a diverse background as an athlete, entrepreneur, and consultant, Wayne's journey has led him to create groundbreaking initiatives in mental health.

After an illustrious football career, Wayne set multiple scoring records at Samford University and was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL. Despite facing setbacks due to a motor racing accident, he persevered and excelled in marketing roles, witnessing the company's annual revenue grow from $940,000 to over $62,000,000 in five years. Wayne's expertise in human engineering and human resources made him a sought-after consultant for top companies, including Ford and Johnson & Johnson.

Wayne Hulon is a visionary in the field of neuroscience and healing, exploring innovative modalities like Neurofeedback and Photobiomodulation. As a pioneer, he conducted brain maps on Death Row inmates, specializing in stress and trauma recovery. In his Johns Creek, GA office, Wayne offers a beacon of hope and transformation through the transformative power of Photobiomodulation. His passion for advancing psychotherapy led him to establish The American College of Psychotherapy and the American Board of Psychotherapy, elevating training and recognition for psychotherapists.

As a member of the Alive and Well Foundation's Advisory Board, he brings his visionary perspective to support mental health and wellness.

Tim Worley

A former American football running back, has made significant contributions to both the sport and the field of motivational speaking and life skills consulting. Having played for the Georgia Bulldogs in college and the Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears in the NFL, Tim's impressive career in football laid the foundation for his subsequent ventures.

As a high school football All-American and track star, Tim's athletic prowess was evident from a young age. His collegiate journey at the University of Georgia saw him excel as a running back, achieving impressive statistics and earning All-American honors. After being selected in the first round of the 1989 NFL Draft by the Steelers, Tim showcased promise in his rookie season but faced challenges in subsequent years.

After retiring from the NFL, Tim's dedication to personal growth and helping others led him to a new path. Today, he is a John C. Maxwell-certified Speaker and Life Skills Consultant, as well as a certified Human Behavior Consultant. His motivational speaking engagements span various sectors, including amateur sports, professional sports, corporate, leadership, ministry, and youth sports leagues. As part of K-LOVE / AiR1 Radio's "Dare to Dream" school assembly program, Tim inspires thousands of individuals across the country.

Additionally, Tim co-founded Worley Global Enterprises and continues to lead the divisions of Motivational Speaking and Marketing Communications Consulting.

Tim's dedication to the betterment of mental health and overall well-being aligns perfectly with the mission of the Alive and Well Foundation. As an Advisory Board member, his experience as a leader and influencer, both on and off the field, adds tremendous value to the foundation's efforts in supporting mental health initiatives and substance abuse recovery.

Ariel Tweto

A renowned television personality, private pilot, and philanthropist born and raised in Unalakleet, Alaska, Ariel's unique upbringing and experiences have shaped her into a resilient and compassionate individual, qualities that she brings to her role on the board. Ariel first gained public attention through her appearances on the reality TV show "Flying Wild Alaska," which showcased her family's life and aviation business in Alaska. Her passion for aviation led her to earn her pilot's license in 2012.

Ariel's contributions extend beyond the realm of television and aviation. She is a dedicated advocate for mental health and suicide prevention, particularly among teens in Alaska. In response to the high suicide rates in her home state, Ariel co-founded "Popping Bubbles," a charity that encourages young people to pursue their dreams and provides them with resources to combat depression. In addition to her philanthropic work, Ariel is also an accomplished actress and producer. She has produced several shows, including the short film "Francis" (2010), "Flying Again" (2016), and "The Pipeline" (2018).

As a member of the Alive and Well Foundation's Advisory Board, Ariel brings her diverse experiences, passion for mental health advocacy, and commitment to making a positive impact. Her dedication to the cause and her unique perspective are invaluable assets to the foundation as we strive to promote wellness and support those in need.

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