Making a difference together.

The 2020 Alive and Well Festival Co-Hosted by Lucy Hale and Jay Shetty was a huge success,and we plan to come back again soon with more events just like this!

Our goal is to raise funds and awareness to provide accessible mental health services to those in need, and we're excited to continue this mission with your support.

Check out our brief video from the 2020 A+W Festival and get pumped for our upcoming events!

Co-Hosted by
Lucy Hale & Jay Shetty!

Lucy Hale
Jay Shetty

All proceeds benefit the Alive + Well Foundation – a national movement to make mental health services a human right.

It was an amazing event for an amazing cause.


Lucy Hale

Jay Shetty


Portugal. The Man
Bryce Vine
Moth and the Flame
Texas Hill
Tilky Jones
Andrew Jannakos
Arun Blaire
Ashlee Willis
Katie Welch
Maty Noyes
Rickey Garcia
Willa Amai
Cassie Scerbo
Lily Kershaw
Zane Carney
Michael Johnston

Connect with a mental health professional through our affordable mental health support program.